Why you may want (or need) a proofreader

Most writers are blind to their own mistakes. That is why they can benefit from a second pair of eyes–qualified eyes. When your spelling and grammar are corrected and your arguments are presented in a logical fashion, your reader will appreciate the quality of your work.

Let’s say you wrote, “The advertising campaign attracted new costumers.” That’s clear, right? But wait, if you meant customers (clients) there is a typo, unless the customers are also costumers (people who provide theatrical costumes).

Even a small issue like this can take the reader’s attention away from your content to think about the language issue, instead. A decent proofreader will catch the error and leave the reader with a good impression of your writing skills and professionalism.

Colette van Haaren offers proofreading and copy-editing services. She has an eye for detail and tends to catch typos because she reads with scrutiny. In a former career she has had more than 50 articles published in Canadian newspapers, magazines and on the web. Colette is Dutch, works in English, and speaks four languages.

Contact me via this site’s contact form if you would like to hire me. Please include a small sample of your text. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.