Testimonials etc.

Montreal Gazette article on disabled skiing programme at Owl’s Head, 2005


“I was in Quebec, Sunday and Monday and returned late last night. My wife had a copy of the paper for me when I arrived. Wow! that was a fantastic very well written article, thank you very much. I have received this morning three (3) inscriptions from students and an offer from a foundation to help us. This is wonderful as we are a month away from closing one program and starting up the other one. The visibility is so important to the growth of the program. I would like to purchase 50 copies of the Monday’s paper, who should I contact. Also I would like to send a Thank You to the editor, would you have his coordinates? Colette a big Thank You for making this happen, hope to see you this summer.”– P.T., president and founder of Eastern Townships Disabled Skiers Foundation

“One thing I have gained from working with you is what I am doing now: writing in a way as to convey what I have observed, perhaps learned. Making sense of it through explanation. (…) This piece I wrote is saved from my condemnation precisely because of the critique you gave me.” — E.M., freelance journalist

“I am a professional writer and have known Colette for several years. We have worked together on joint proposals to various publications and I am impressed with her superior methods of organization. She also has a good technical knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the business and I have learned from working with her. When she offers suggestions for improvement with my work, she does so in a way that is neither patronizing nor condescending. And due to her superior command of the language, it is sometimes easy to forget that Colette’s first language is not English. As such, she looks at and writes about things from a richer cultural perspective than a native English speaker.” — J.S., freelance writer.



Abilities, Canada.com, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Canadian Wildlife, Cottage Life, DreamScapes, Edmonton Journal, Ex In The City, Family Camping Magazine, Forever Young, The Gazette (Montreal), Good Stuff, Health ‘N Vitality, Homeschooling Horizons, Montreal Families, The NewCanadian Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, PWAContact, The Suburban, Vivva Montreal, Warm Times;  Ringuette Roundup Columnist with the West End Chronicle (formerly The Monitor).


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